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BD Wires Home Page for wire information, explanations, specifications, and more! Welcome to BD Wires, your home for information regarding and related to wires and wiring. BD Batteries, the sponsor of this informational website, is a Denver based Battery Distribution Warehouse specializing in a variety of power and electrical solutions. All use wires...

whether you are looking to upgrade your home to harness solar power, adding extra batteries to power a car stereo, upgrading the batteries in your forklift or floor cleaner to extend runtime, or similar, the wires in your system MUST BE ADDRESSED!!! The wires are what carry the power. Similar to roads that carry traffic, if there isn't enough, there are backups. When there is congestion on the road, you get a headache. When there is congestion in the wiring system, heat is generated. BD Wires is here to help you decide what is right for you. Then we can help to supply you with the wire(s) you need.

BD Batteries Deep Cycle Battery Warehouse offers a complete line of deep cycle, sealed, AGM batteries, available nationwide. To aid our customer's installations, we also carry and source multiple gauges of standard DC connection wire, welding wire and cable or multiple other types. Please use the contact page, BD Batteries Battery Home Page, or call our phone number (303.800.4725) with any questions or to order any products we offer! Thanks for taking the time to visit BD Wires and we look forward to serving you in your wiring and electrical needs.

This informational website is brought to you by our Deep Cycle Battery Sponsors, BD Batteries.

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